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InzysJointRelief - Shiatsu Deep Foot Massager with Heating

InzysJointRelief - Shiatsu Deep Foot Massager with Heating

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• Foot Pain Relief in Minutes

• Improved blood circulation

• Enhanced muscle recovery

• Fast & Free UK Delivery

• Non-invasive and drug-free solution

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Deep Relaxation For Your Feet

Discover the next level of foot relaxation with our cutting-edge foot massager that combines multiple functions to create a 360° care experience for your tired feet. This advanced device seamlessly integrates air pressure, rolling massages, finger massages, and soothing heat. Elevate your well-being and achieve complete relaxation like never before.


Tailored Massages for Your Every Need...

Indulge in personalised comfort with our foot massager's versatile settings. Choose from three massage intensities and three compression levels to curate the perfect massage for your preferences. Our advanced technology merges airbag pressure, rolling motions, and precise simulations to target pain points and release tension throughout your body, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and blissfully at ease.


Made For Everyone...

No matter who you are, our foot massager is tailored to your needs:

  • For the mature and elderly: Enhance circulation and well-being, promoting better sleep.

  • For dedicated professionals: Counteract the strains of long hours, fostering renewed energy.

  • For those on their feet: Alleviate the discomfort of prolonged standing, promoting muscle relaxation and overall comfort.

InzysJointRelief - Shiatsu Deep Foot Massager with Heating


What? Only 20 Minutes Per Day!

Bid farewell to post-work fatigue and stress. Our foot massager lets you luxuriate in a comprehensive massage experience without the need to bend over. Unwind, recharge, and let go of all tension, all at your fingertips.

Don't let fatigue and tension hold you back. Elevate your daily routine with our innovative foot massager, your path to ultimate relaxation and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How often should I use the foot massager?

Using the foot massager for just 20 minutes daily can help effectively alleviate pain, reduce muscle fatigue, and promote relaxation.

Can I use it safely from home/office?

Yes, the foot massager is designed for both home and office use. Its wireless remote control and customisable settings make it convenient to use even during work breaks.

Is the fabric cover removable and washable?

Yes, the foot massager comes with a breathable, removable fabric cover that can be easily cleaned. This ensures a hygienic and shared experience for your family.

What is the warranty and return policy?

As we are sure of our product, we offer free 30 days money back service and a 1-year warranty for the product.

you won't regret it.


  • Up to 50% OFF Retail Price
  • FREE: 1-year warranty worth £29.99
  • FREE: Shipping
  • 1 UK/US/EU power plug
  • 30 days satisfaction guarantee or full refund
  • FREE: our Unmatchable Customer Support to guide you!
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